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Premiere 1 was established as a full-service laboratory services provider with a team dedicated to modeling and executing the most innovative and applicable methods of operation in the current and prospective Dental ecosystem. Using the most up to date technologies, workflows, and processes combined with outstanding partnerships with some of the industry’s most innovative manufacturing companies, Premiere 1’s team is pioneering systems to deliver the best in class restorative services couched in a first-class customer care experience that drives cost out of the system and variability out of the outcomes.
Our team’s goal is to always get to yes as quickly as possible where your customer experience is concerned.

Through our unique “technology-driven manufacturing partnering model”Premiere 1 can rapidly scale capacity in all areas of specialty within the restorative process. As a result, fluctuations in demand are never an issue. We are always improving the quality, convenience, and affordability of the dental materials we offer and the processes we use.

Our highly trained and experienced technicians are dedicated to providing the quality and service necessary to maximize your patient satisfaction and minimize chair times. We have industry-leading turnaround times, and you can count on us to be there for you when you need your case done.

Having had an extensive background working in support of Dental Service Organizations, Independent Practices, and Institutions for many years, Premiere 1’s ownership believes very strongly that the relationship between your practices and Premiere 1 goes beyond just the transactional.

Please request our 12-Month Case Turnaround Calendar or visit our ‘Calendar’ page. Our calendar enables you to always know exactly when you will get a case back after sending it.

Typically, within Florida (UPS) the shipping is 1 day. Out of state (FedEx), the shipping is 2 days. 

Premiere 1 will work with you and your carrier of choice (FedEx or UPS) to provide a seamless and efficient system for moving cases to and from your facility’s and ours with an as little burden as possible to your staff. With the larger logistics companies like FedEx and UPS, integration of their real-time tracking mechanisms is incorporated into our software and available to you with the click of a button through our portal.   

Find out more information on our ‘Shipping & Receiving Calendar’ page.

Please visit the “About Page’ page to learn more about how you can send a case. You’ll also find all the needed resources here.

To get your customized pricing, please visit our ‘Contact Us page to request your quote. 

Premiere 1 seeks to provide highly competitive price points, first quality products and materials, all couched in a first-class customer experience. We do this by seeking to understand the needs and expectations of our customers and then working to deliver on those expectations while working to drive cost out of our processes by eliminating waste and process variability throughout of our workflows.

Yes, we do! 

Contact us on our ‘Contact Us Page for your login information and easy to use instructions.

Through our partnership with Henry Schein’s LabNext and DDX software platforms, Premiere 1 can offer a complete suite of online support services including but not exclusive to:

  • Online scheduling of pick-ups
  • Online pre-entering of cases with special instructions
  • Online prescriptions
  • Online uploads of digital (.stl) files and photos
  • Online case management such as:
  • Online delivery date confirmation
  • Online case tracking with most major logistics companies
  • Online access and printing of invoices and Statements
  • Online bill pay

Yes, we do!

Premiere 1 can customize reporting to you or your team members’ needs, examples that might provide useful metrics could be:

  • Remake by clinician, product, or material
  • Product mix utilization
  • On-time delivery
  • Sales reporting
  • CAPA reporting
  • Sales trending

Premiere 1 can customize reporting in most instances where we capture the relevant data and can deliver it to you on a recurring schedule relevant to your needs.

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